Monday, October 30, 2017

Camping, stay-cation,and family in September

Hi! I'm back to my regular once or maybe twice a month blogging. When I  first started my blog that's all I would do, blog about our monthly adventures and I love that, I love to look back. The month of September was quite a busy one, It started with Labor Day weekend camping with family. We had a lake day, campfires, fishing and just hanging out.. We also went up to Snowbird, we do this every year and we love it! Its our favorite stay-cation. Snowbird is just a half hour up the canyon. Can I just say how much I love where I live!  Those two things I would say was our big thing for the month, camping and staying at a lodge in Snowbird.

I also got my wisdom teeth pulled out. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture.. but I may have a video of when Matt recorded me after the surgery. That I will not show! ha! But maybe if you ask me personally I can show you..maybe..maybe not. Anyway! I also started school and I'm loving it. I mean it is hard but I love it too.( If that makes any sense?) I will be done April 2018 and I'm excited to be done! I will also have an Internship as a Medical Assistant. I plan to work for a year at an OBGYN Office if I can or until our next baby comes along and then be a stay at home mom. A big thank you to my husband for all his hard work so that I can finish school and also stay home with our son. He is the best! He comes home early when I have class to care for our baby. Not only is he the best dad but he is the best husband. I always tell him thank you for being so good to me or ask why is he so good to me..and teasingly he just says " I know, why em I so good to you?" haha I love him so much! 

So September was good to us! And here is proof that it was! Even though this year is going way too fast, but I am also excited for the next three months with all the holidays that are coming up. Especially with having Ethan, it makes holidays even more special. I love my family! 

Warning! TONS of pictures ahead! 

Ethan has the whole camping in a tent down. He loved waking up
and looking out the window

Two cute toddlers playing volleyball with the help of there slaves haha

Matt showing Ethan his cool toys 

Ready to learn how to fly planes
We tried the Little Gym, he loved it!

Neighborhood Bike Parade

Enjoying the last bit of summer

Attended my beautiful friends wedding

SnowBird Lodge!

3 Month on the left 14 Months on the right

Friends came up for dinner and swimming one night

Walkin the dog 

At our Brother-in-laws Birthday party.
They had a mechanical bull!!so fun!

So Handsome for church

Beautiful cousin came to visit from out of town

On our way to San Diego,Ca

Always has to splash on puddles

Rest stop at St. George LDS Temple

Then made it to Las Vegas, stayed with friends for the night